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Les femmes vues par les femmes




Hardcover A4, perfect binding with solid stitching, 272 inside colour pages on luxurious art print paper, all pages varnished for protection, limited edition of only 500 copies. Release date:16 June 2017. „I’m not a sub, but I have always been attracted by strong women. Usually, dominatrixes are not dominant in my studio. After all, we are both professionals. However, as much as I often crawl on the floor to catch better angles and make heels and legs look even higher: I adore female beauty. It kind of renders me helpless, makes me want to kneel down, as beautiful as some women are. Especially when they apply the sharp arsenal of fetish weaponry.“ Peter W. Czernich




La collection Rotenberg




Edition Limitée Avec : Kristian Schuller, Sacha Goldberger, Signe Vilstrup, Vijat Mohindra, Peter Coulson, Kenneth Willardt, Vincent Peters, Stefan Rappo, Ludovic Baron, Nikola Borissov, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Malo, Wang Chienyang, Jeremy Gibbs, Colin Anderson, George Mayer ...


There is something magic in the way the young girls look at us, their faces completely concentrated on their private parts. They open their legs wide spread and look straight into our eyes. We see a shaved vulva, resembling a nicely rounded mound, the flesh budding from labia, and the forked hipbone tautening the skin of a flat belly. Daniel Fehr’s photographs creative power that in turn creates timeless erotic pictures.
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 In his brandnew opus Mikhail Paramonov opens up a wide scope of pink tones. Girls in rose panties and socks, and frivolous transparent rose skirts, cover the small breasts and the smooth shaven pubes of his beautiful models. He obviously enjoyed giving clues about the motif of Eros, hidden in his photographs — the God of Love, luring men in a most charming way.
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China Hamilton write about his photographs: The models and me attempt to produce work that can be shared and enjoyed by a wider audience. These portrayed women are proud of their sexuality, of their bodies and delight in knowing that their intimate revelations will be enjoyed by voyeur and connoisseur alike. I have also included a number of portraits of significant Mistresses, these Dominatrixes both clothed and revealed, demonstrate so proudly their place in the long history of this subject, fulfilling skillfully, the fantasy pleasures of the ‘naughty school boy’ or ‘the submissive maid’.