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Edition Limitée Avec : Kristian Schuller, Sacha Goldberger, Signe Vilstrup, Vijat Mohindra, Peter Coulson, Kenneth Willardt, Vincent Peters, Stefan Rappo, Ludovic Baron, Nikola Borissov, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Malo, Wang Chienyang, Jeremy Gibbs, Colin Anderson, George Mayer ...


There is something magic in the way the young girls look at us, their faces completely concentrated on their private parts. They open their legs wide spread and look straight into our eyes. We see a shaved vulva, resembling a nicely rounded mound, the flesh budding from labia, and the forked hipbone tautening the skin of a flat belly. Daniel Fehr’s photographs creative power that in turn creates timeless erotic pictures.


China Hamilton write about his photographs: The models and me attempt to produce work that can be shared and enjoyed by a wider audience. These portrayed women are proud of their sexuality, of their bodies and delight in knowing that their intimate revelations will be enjoyed by voyeur and connoisseur alike. I have also included a number of portraits of significant Mistresses, these Dominatrixes both clothed and revealed, demonstrate so proudly their place in the long history of this subject, fulfilling skillfully, the fantasy pleasures of the ‘naughty school boy’ or ‘the submissive maid’.


Japan-born, New York–based fashion photographer Sarai Mari has always been interested in the gender roles men and women play within society.


La jeune photographe Sonia Sieff a su tirer de ses illustres parents Jean-Loup Sieff et Barbara Rix la maîtrise du portrait. Prenant souvent Paris comme décor, mais aussi la Cité Radieuse de Marseille, la Normandie, Porquerolles ou la Champagne, selon les désirs de ses modèles, elle réalise des nus de ses amies. Entre mannequins, actrices connues, danseuses, chanteuses, designers et poètes, elle cherche à capter leurs personnalités fortes et créatrices, rend un hommage intime et brut au corps féminin qui la fascine et dessine une certaine idées de la Française d'aujourd'hui.


Instagram′s user guidelines prohibit posting violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic, or sexually suggestive photos. Unsurprisingly, these policies have been a source of tension and debate for many creatives who use the social media platform as a means 




50 Milo, 4 paysages, 1 nature morte, 28 chansons




NextAll I Ever Wanted (Limited Edition, Signed Copy)Hester Scheurwater 75,00€Papier: baryté All I Ever Wanted’ by Hester Lisa Scheurwaterr Artist Edition of 25 copies with a signed and numbered Print on baryta paper and a Limited Edition of 500 copies. Introduction by Patrick Remy with an english translation by Frederique Destribats




Edition numérotée

N0. 223

(223) is born in Guangdong province and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. Based now in Beijing, he named himself “No.223” after the lovelorn cop character in Wong Kar-wai’s movie Chungking Express. Lin snaps his circle of friends and himself, portraying his view of youth culture and lifestyles in contemporary China. His photographs are marked by fashionable indolence, saturated colours, penetrating flash, and somewhat frontal shots that unveil his models’ empowering presence and vulnerability at the same time.


The anthology will make a great addition to your library for the next 100 years. Across a spread of more than 500 pages, over 30 photographers, from amateur to professional, display over one thousand blunt photos surrounding this topic. Photographers from the USA, France, England and all the way to east Europe display each of their photo sets on double-sided pages, making this volume a truly erotic occasion. Everything, of course, completely naked and in every conceivable position: front, back, side and everything in between! From artistic villainy to amateur trashy; for puritan morality, definitely evil!


MagLau, photographe établi en Belgique publie ce nouveau livre sous son pseudonyme une ballade dans l’univers des soirées fétichistes. Très loin de l’univers aseptisé et idéalisé de 50 Shades of Grey, Fetish Ballad nous emmène dans le monde très réel des soirées fétiches entre Tokyo, Paris et Amsterdam. Les photos sont prises sur le vif, sans flash, dans l’ambiance.