Ink is my blood vol. two


Seconde volume des artbooks érotiques de l′artiste Apollonia Saintclair. Textes en anglais et en français. Attention, la quantité d′exemplaires mis en vente est limitée !« Quest-ce qui rend le travail dApollonia si populaire ? Mise à part la complexité insensée et le niveau de détail de son travail, lhabileté avec laquelle elle crée son art de manière cinématographique, post-noir et incroyablement imaginative, cest quelle saisit lessence de ce que la sexualité signifie pour chacun de nous. » Erika Lust"I am very pround and honored that Anne Hautecoeur, director of the renowned french erotic publishing house La Musardine, accepted my invitation to write the introduction and that Dimitris Karathanos, journalist and culture contributor at Athens Voice, that I have learned to appreciate in recent time, was so kind to write an essay on my work. Last but not least, Thomas Selzam, another old traveling companion, contributes with his dreamlike fictions to the summary of this new journey in the meanderings of my ink. All the texts are translated into English and French.Once again we have worked very hard to make this collection of more than 130 drawings even more beautiful as the first Volume and we introduced bigger drawings that span an entire double page. And since we want the complete series to be a collectible, we kept the same size and content of 9.1″ x 11.2″ for 148 pages and used that paper and printing quality which already proved to be a unique sensual experience." Apollonia Saintclair
Fiche technique
Nombre de pages 146
Dimensions 230*285 mm
Langue Bilingue Français / Anglais
Date de parution 23/11/2017
Référence 023006

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