An erotic reverie across the streets of Rome, where the border between fantasy and reality disappears... Luna is a young Italian woman with a great imagination who can't help but fantasize at every opportunity. The most banal situations give birth to the least avowable ideas in her mind… As she walks in Rome, she dreams of being submissive to the strangers she meets, and back home hastens to masturbate, imagining what could have happened, if... Everything changes one evening, when she comes home tipsy, and unwittingly post naughty selfies on the Internet… After working for mainstream publishers like Sergio Bonelli Editore and Hachette, Damjan Stanich fell in love with the idea of illustrating a real-life, plausible erotic story imagined by French scenarist Valérie; this is their first collaboration on a journey that will bring Luna deep beyond her wildest fantasies into the world of underground sex and pornography.

Fiche technique
Nombre de pages 48
Langue Anglais
Date de parution 06/07/2021
Référence C01143NO_PRODUCT

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